Checking a potential landlord is now easier than ever

Moving to a new place? Check your potential landlord with CheckB4Rent first and see who you're dealing with


Tenants across Britain are already using our service to investigate potential landlords, before signing a rental agreement. Our unique investigative service looks both at landlords and their properties, and provides you with the most up to date information - before you sign on the dotted line.

With years of experience, we are able to examine the history of a property or a landlord, thus helping to connect tenants with the best landlords. We understand that before you sign a contract, binding you to a 6 or 12 months lease, you need to know that your landlord will be cooperative and helpful.

Take just a couple of minutes with our service to discover more about your potential landlord.

What do we check?
Finances: Ensuring that the landlord owns the property (and is not subletting) and any financial difficulties they might have.
Fairness: Were they fair to previous tenants or lodgers? Were there any difficulties in past relationships?
Stability: We examine their conduct towards obligations as a landlord. Have they had to evict people in the past? If so, what were the reasons?
Condition: We examine the state of the property, characteristics such as soundproofing and any weather related issues.
The area: We look at the neighbourhood around a property to help you make the right decision on where to live.
Crime statistics: We help you understand the area’s safety through police official crime data.
How can I start?

The good news is that it's easy! Simply fill in your email address, the landlord’s name and the rental property’s address – we'll do the rest.

You’ll be sent a detailed report to your email inbox and to your personal zone on the site, within 24 hours.

Your reports are stored on the site forever, so you'll be able to look back at your submission history of previous landlord queries.

Why Checkb4Rent?

Landlords have had to the ability to screen potential tenants for years, looking for reasons to dismiss or reject tenants. They’ve had all the power, while tenants walked in blind and were potentially at the mercy of unscrupulous property owners.

Now, all that has changed with Checkb4Rent – putting the same power in your hands.

Checkb4Rent empowers tenants by providing them with vital information about their landlords. This enables tenants just like you to protect yourself and reduce rent prices. If that isn’t enough, here are some other reasons to use Checkb4Rent:

Check Our years of experience
Check We use the growing trend of crowd-renting
Check Efficient proprietary modelling
Check Knowledge is power
Check Our system is straightforward

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